Harnessing years of expertise and professionalism to create innovative solutions.

We are ready to help our clients and stakeholders with across diverse segments of defence, customs, labor and social security law, air law and international commercial contracts to find out and implement timely and cost effective solutions.

We, proudly and with a great confidence, added the consultancy services in our main activity areas to include aviation, energy, customs legislation, airpotr obstacle problems, maritime law and all kind of legal issues depending our professional team member who are subject matter experts in their fields.

Our consultancy services cover planning, procurement, product development, international contracts, commercial and marketing strategies in segments of defence, aviation and in other main activity areas as well as any cooperation, technological innovation, product development, project management and execution, partnership and mergers.

Customs Legislation


All types of customs operations of import, export, counseling and legal advice on all legal solutions to the problems associated with administrative and judicial disputes arising from these processes.

Labor & Social Security Law


Assisting our clients and stakeholders in solving the problems stemming from “Employee”, “employer”, “employer representative” and “subcontractor” relations, solving legal problems with government, trade unions, social security organizations and private insurance companies. All legal issues related with  social assistance and social services, financing and premiums of social insurance, employer’s liability, social scope of the insurance and optional insurance, short term insurance branches, occupational accidents, occupational disease insurance, maternity insurance, long term insurance branches, disability insurance, disability insurance, death insurance, public health insurance and unemployment insurance, and debt consolidation services through evaluation, pension system, social assistance.

Air Law

Aviation registers, obstruction plans, wind and other power plants, rights, liens, preferences and seizure, air waybill, the liability of carriers on passenger and cargo, the boundaries of responsibility, responsibility against the third party damage, passengers in an accident and staff insurance, captain and legal status of the staff, the law will be applied to aircraft crimes, security, competitiveness and status of the passengers in terms of consumer protection, competition, slots, basic handling charges, claims for the passengers, registered, simulator, engine registration, aviation personnel licenses, Chicago Convention (Chicago Convention), Open Skies Treaty, freedom of international air transport, Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, airworthiness issues legal advice.